What We Do

Targeted, content-led B2B marketing.

Because even a good story needs wings.
    • Successful B2B marketers consistently engage throughout the long sales cycle.
    • The time has come for your organisation to connect directly with the client and lead with original content.
    • We start with a blank slate. We help tell your brand story in the best words and images and strategise the right channels to get the conversation going.
    • We are channel-neutral and will utilise every form of persuasion – paid, earned or owned – in our toolbox.
    • Built around publishing and B2B marketing principles, we co-create content that will engage your prospects.
Our Services
Social media content and monitoring

Build an online community and boost your social media engagement

Marketing collaterals

Drive thought leadership in your market with well-packaged, easy-to-read collaterals.

Executive briefings

End-to-end offline and online event management with a powerful content ‘hook’
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Content portal/Microsites

We dig digital

Infographics/Motion Graphics

Tap on the world’s fastest growing platform

“The difference between the right word and the almost right word is the difference between lightning and a lightning bug.” 

Mark Twain

Who We Are

Do you know that every country in Asia has its own version of chicken curry?

Or that the common tamarind found in most Asian cuisine is the “secret” ingredient of Worcestershire sauce?

We “get” Asia.
We are proudly rooted in the region.
Local expertise and world-standard delivery? 
Curry on!
We know our stuff
Multi-Talented Team
The best content strategist needs to have business, marketing skills, media training and design awareness. We connect these dots for you with our multi-talented team.
Concept of Connections
3 Degrees is based on the concept of connections, the idea that the world and its six degrees of separation  is shrinking. We build and strengthen connections, business to business.
Multi-Disciplinary Approach
As part of our multi-disciplinary approach, we collaborate with clients, colleagues, industry experts and suppliers. We seek the best to ensure you get nothing less.
Mutual Respect
We also aim to be a humanistic organisation based on top-notch quality, trust, creativity, collaboration and lots of fun!

What people say about us


Casting call for our Kuala Lumpur office!

We are hiring creative peeps with a sense of humour. You must be organised, eager to learn, and also love cheese.

Who are we looking for?

  1. Content Creator – You’re a word wizard with some design and visual awareness, and a knack for telling stories across multiple mediums.
  2. Visual Designer – You’re the magician who can conjure visual storytelling through graphics, animation and videos.
  3. Intern – The “sorcerer’s apprentice”. You assist the team in whatever hijinks we’re up to.

Ask us for the full job scope, and a peek into the work life we offer.

Share your CV with us at recruit@3degrees.asia and oh, let us know your favourite cheese.


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Office telephone number: +65 3159 0690

Kuala Lumpur

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