Digital Marketing Essentials (Singapore)

Digital Marketing Essentials (Singapore)

  • Length:8:30 – 17:00

Every industry has been affected by advances in the digital space. Get top-level insight into the essentials of digital marketing, with this one-day bootcamp.

It’s a whole new world, so you’ll start with learning what marketing in real-time means. From there, dive head-first into topics like corporate digital storytelling, email marketing, search engine optimisation, Google Analytics, and social storytelling.

Discover how to create digital marketing materials that target the unique wants and needs of your customer. You’ll be equipped with industry-grade tools and instruction from facilitators who use digital marketing on a daily basis for their clients across a range of industries.

Get tips and strategies on which digital channels can work for you, how to use them, and how to track your marketing efforts with data-driven decisions.

All our bootcamps include actionable take-aways and solid materials that can be your reference point for all things digital marketing.


Key takeaways:

  • Understand digital marketing framework and strategy
  • Understand the different digital marketing mix and how to use different tools
  • Considerations to advertise on digital media platforms


Who should attend?

  • Executives who would like to find out more about digital marketing
  • Marketing/communication executives who have tried some form of digital marketing and would like to gain a more holistic understanding
  • Sales executives who would like to use digital marketing channels to amplify their reach


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