Write on Target: A Power-writing Bootcamp (Singapore)

Write on Target: A Power-writing Bootcamp (Singapore)

  • Location:Singapore
  • Length:All Day

Turn your writing into your ultimate weapon in corporate communications. This one-day workshop will arm you with the skills you need today to communicate powerfully and effectively to stand out in your field. It is for executives who need to rise above the noise to be an influential voice across a range of media platforms to keep ahead of the game. You will enjoy a lively and interactive experience writing articles, headlines and leads, reviewing stories, and participating in critiquing exercises, all in a stimulating, encouraging and creative environment.

Key take-aways:

  • Know your audience – who are you writing for
  • Story crafting – how to make your story stick
  • Practical power-writing tools and tricks of the trade
  • The art of attention-grabbing headlines
  • Compliance and dealing with plagiarism
  • Repurposing your content for different platforms

Who should attend?

  • Content and communication professionals who want to refine their craft
  • Marketing executives keen to learn good writing skills

For more information, drop us an email at hello@3degrees.asia.