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3 ducks in a row or 10 ways I still think content marketing is like publishing (part 3)

3 ducks in a row or 10 ways I still think content marketing is like publishing (part 3)

Now for the final three!

3. Hire great storytellers
Everyone can put a pen to paper or finger to keyboard in these days but not everyone can weave words into a story that will leave your prospect wanting more.

Sure, I have a vested interest but those who have worked in publishing are trained to tell a good story. The editor keeps an eye on what’s hot at the moment and what’s coming up, the journalist will craft it in words, the designer will illustrate and strengthen the story with the right images. The cover page from the headline to the graphic to the kickers is an all-consuming task that can take many to-and-fros before it’s finalised.

Which is why we believe that publishers make the best story tellers. Most marketers tend to do it on the side to save costs but it is better to work with specialists who make a living just telling stories.

2. Educate, discuss and help but not broadcast the message
If you are the top-performing fund manager covering emerging markets, why do you say so? Don’t just tell people how good you are, help and contribute to the discussion around  emerging markets.

Start with why people should pay attention to those specific markets. What is the fresh angle or investment opportunity that you can offer?  What can others learn from your lessons learnt in the past? Are there interesting anecdotes that will highlight how well you know the market?

Broadcasting is a sure way to turn off your prospects but draw them into your tent with a content-led conversation. It’s not about you, get over it.

1. Content creation is a marathon not a sprint.
You have to think about creating content and stories day after day after day. One of the first few lessons a journalist learns is that ‘you’re only as good as your last story’ and that is ever more true in a digital world where a Youtube sensation can fizzle out within weeks (quick, name Psy’s second single!).

It is not enough to run an event every quarter and squeeze leads from it but where is the follow up? How can people continue to communicate with each other afterwards? How are you picking up on the topics discussed at the event? You need to be in it for the long run which brings me to what I promised in my last post…

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