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3 things we learned at Video Marketing Bootcamp

3 things we learned at Video Marketing Bootcamp

We’ve just concluded our first Video Marketing Bootcamps in Singapore and Hong Kong last week. It was a fun experience as fellow marketers had hands-on practice in filming and editing short videos during the bootcamp with our facilitator, Christian Payne.
Here’s what we’ve learned:

  1. Creating professional videos is doable

    If you have a smartphone with a video function, there’s a high chance you’ve already shot some personal videos with it. You can now take this skill to the next level for your business with the right apps and gear. All you need is practice, practice, practice. In time, you’ll develop an eye for framing visuals and familiarise yourself with filming and editing.

  2. Sound is more important than visuals

    To make good videos, you must have good quality sound. Even videos with blurry visuals can still work if your audio is clean. In fact, you can convert a poor video with good audio into a podcast and do away with visuals completely.

  3. Affordable gear

    A smartphone (preferably the iPhone as most of its apps are user-friendly) is your only major purchase. The rest of your investment goes into apps (though some are free), equipment and accessories. For example, a  simple talking head interview video would require just a lapel microphone and a tripod costing less than $100 in total.

Interested to learn more about making marketing videos with your mobile device? Email us at and ask us about our next Video Marketing Bootcamp.

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