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5 ways to simplify your content

5 ways to simplify your content

Still churning out corporate brochures?

With tons of content out there competing for your audience’s attention, your marketing copy needs to be more engaging.

Instead of trying to draft yet another lengthy factsheet or slick brochure, try these 5 tips to stand out from the crowd:

Use different mediums
Pictures speak a thousand words – but so do videos, motion graphics, and infographics, when used in the right context.

Tell stories
Bring complex concepts to life by using case studies and simple analogies to illustrate them.

Ask more questions
Ask ‘why’ more often when drafting your content – it helps you understand implied context, as well as relate to your audience’s concerns.

Reduce your word count
Challenge yourself to use as little words as possible in your copy. With built-in character limits, social media posts are good avenues to practice this!

Be straightforward
Avoid using jargon and complicated descriptions; substitute with simpler terms and explanations.

if you’re interested to know more about simplifying complex content to engage your audience, visit Events to find out more about our next Content Strategy for Marketers bootcamp.

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