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9 New Year resolutions for better content

9 New Year resolutions for better content

Easy, half tongue-in-cheek resolutions that will help you improve your content delivery this year.

9) Convey my “so-what” in the first 3 sentences. Writing business copy is not like writing an academic research proposal. By the time you finish your preamble or introduction, your reader would have clicked “Next” or worse “Delete”. Get to the point first – and fast.

8) I will check my spelling and grammar. These basic mistakes distract your reader and can actually affect your brand perception. Always have another pair of eyes go through the copy or better still, get a copy editor.

7) I shall only use active voice when making a statement. (compare to: Any statement shall only be made with active, not passive, voice)

6) It’s not me, it’s you. Make any collateral about the reader and not just me, me, me. Have the end-user in mind when writing and designing marketing emails, brochures, websites, anything customer-facing really.

5) I will have an editorial calendar. If you don’t have one already, now is a good time to do so. It will help manage your content contributors especially if they’re in different parts of the region/company and ensure that you deliver regular content consistently. Keep it manageable and realistic – are you sure you will get a blog post out everyday?

4) I will tell and not sell. It’s very tempting to exhort the great things that your company does but, really, is that what your customers want to hear? Tell them how you can help simplify their life and leap tall buildings in a single bound (if that rocks their boat).

3) I will have original, interesting content. New content comes out every second so you need to really stand out from the crowd. Develop a different angle, offer a new perspective to an old issue, ride on a hot current topic, be controversial. That drives traffic which in turn raises awareness and ultimately leads to world peace.

2) Less is more. Most times it’s best to give a peek into what you can do in a brochure or website but leave the gory details for when you meet. Not many people have the time to go through an eight-page treatise on your core banking solution or exotic ostrich farm investment. Keep any communication simple and use the miniskirt principle – long enough to cover the subject, short enough to keep it interesting.

and most importantly…
1) I shall only stick to 18-point font and above for PowerPoint presentations. Because, I really do not want to take out reading glasses after gloating about my perfect vision for the last 40 years…

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