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Best B2B Brands on Instagram

Best B2B Brands on Instagram

If you think B2B brands have no business on Instagram, think again. Here are our picks of the B2B brands rocking Instagram:
Industry: Software
Followers: 170K
One of the most beautiful Instagram accounts around, Adobe showcases works of art created using their software by their creative community of artists, designers and photographers. Sharing these works become visual testimonials, lifting the profiles of both Adobe and creative professionals.
Industry: Computer technology
Followers: 51.2K
Oracle doesn’t use their Instagram account for more tech talk. They have other platforms to do that. The focus on Instagram goes to their employees – the people behind the brand – and highlights what they do at work and the passions they pursue. The company’s volunteer work is heavily featured here too. Take note how they put Insta-size infographics to good use too.
Industry: Coworking office space
Followers: 46.2K
Like Adobe, WeWork took a similar approach by showcasing its community. They went beyond their role as shared office space providers to become a supporter of the startups, entrepreneurs and freelancers, who uses the space with stories of their work. The account also gives a glimpse of their beautiful work environments, and the pets that occasionally hang out there.
Industry: Courier delivery service
Followers: 42.5K
Most photos posted on this Instagram account are user-generated. FedEx curates the best photos taken by people from all over the world, sharing sightings of the brand “in the wild”. So far it has been an effective and fun way in keeping the brand on top of people’s mind.
Industry: Online email marketing service
Followers: 30.8K
Mailchimp’s branding has a distinctive personality, and it shows on their Instagram in full technicolour dream! Their photos and videos are goofy and happy, but very well crafted and creative. It’s visual storytelling documents the life of the team behind the brand, and the work culture they live by.
Industry: CRM cloud platform
Followers: 18.5K
The presentation of the company culture and branding is very strong in this one, with the instantly recognisable  corporate colour in every photo. Salesforce uses Instagram to let people in on their events and team activities in the office, as well as the volunteer work they do around the world. Less talk about tech, more on the faces in the company.
Industry: Commercial real estate
Followers: 9,849
Rather than pushing sales or boring people about property management and contracts, CBRE shares interesting factoids about buildings or structures instead. They collaborate with professional photographers to feature beautiful architecture and cityscapes. Employees also contribute photos to show off their city.
Industry: Financial services
Followers: 4,236
It’s easy to associate the image of stuffy bankers with UBS. But one glance at their Instagram, you’ll realise it’s less about business and more about their projects. Their main highlights are project collaborations with artists like photographer Annie Leibovitz, and brands like Mercedes, featuring well-crafted content including 15-second videos.

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