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Common B2B Content Marketing Traps

Common B2B Content Marketing Traps

Joe Pulizzi’s recent post on ‘6 Common Enterprise Content Marketing Traps to Avoid’ is spot on.

His full post is here but a quick summary:

1. A subscription layer to your content provides a rich opportunity to understand your customers
2. Companies need to engage brand evangelists by encouraging them to submit articles, post videos and share their own stories beyond case studies.
3. Content ambassadors can be a good way to cut through content silos within the organisation
4. Content marketing is better suited to publishers (cough, cough) than marketers
5. Internal marketing is as important as, if not more than, external marketing
6. Aligning yourself with traditional media is an opportunity to broaden your reach

As with most things, these might seem like common sense. However, the content marketing space in Asia is still new and we have an opportunity to get it right from the start if we take a more strategic approach.

I am so looking forward to attending Content Marketing World 2013  on Sep 9-12 organised by Joe’s team!

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