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The content marketers’ 2017 wish list

The content marketers’ 2017 wish list

Happy 2017!
The 3Degrees team share their 2017 wishlist:

“I want to delegate better. As an entrepreneur, you want to do everything as (you think) you know the business best. But until evolution grants us an extra brain, I have to learn to let it go, let it go *hysterical cackle*
~ The Brain


“I wish for newer MacBook Pros, iPhones, photo-video equipment, and more software! MORE!!”
~ The Dude


“Learned a lot about video marketing last year, so I want to be able to wield Final Cut Pro like a pro (sic) this year. I also wish for an iPad Pro and an iPencil to play, um… I mean, work with.”
~ Content Elf


“If a genie were to pop out of a lamp to grant me three wishes, I would ask for more time to get stuff done; to be proficient in Photoshop and HTML; and to be able to eat all the office goodies without gaining weight!”
~ Cookie Cutter


“What I want to do in 2017:

  1. not to get confused between British and American English
  2. bake stuff for everyone in the office (and be the 3rd Cookie Cutter)
  3. be clear and concise in my writing, just like my senior writers are
  4. stop calling my manager ‘boss’”

~ Sensible Scribe


“I wish I can resist snacking all the time. But I’d like to have more chocolate and to have Cheesy Monday every month at the office (rumour has it we will!).”

~ Sales Siren


“I want to have a bigger screen and a split screen so I can see ALL the data I’m working on!”
~ Goldfinger

What’s yours?

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