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Let’s get along: Learn designer lingo

Let’s get along: Learn designer lingo

As a non-designer, getting your objectives across to the design team can be frustrating at times. Much like a chicken-and-duck conversation, both parties need to learn the other’s language.

You don’t need to know everything about design, but you can start with the basics, like these terms:

Hashtag vs Hex Code (#)
They look the same but they mean different things to a marketer and designer. A hashtag is the keyword tag marketers use in social media, like #contentmarketing. A hex code is a 6-digit hexadecimal code used to represent colours on the web. For example, #FFFFFF is for the colour white.

PDF means Portable Document Format. This file is ideal for materials to be printed. For web visuals, use PNG or Portable Network Graphics. The file size is smaller and makes it easier to load online.

Font vs Typography
Font refers to a collection of characters, numbers, and symbols, like Times New Roman or Arial. Typography is the art of font arrangement in an attractive design.

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