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How do I love thee? 4 tips on marketing with heart

How do I love thee? 4 tips on marketing with heart

Your consumers know that a brand is more than just a name or logo, and that human beings run the business. So, to woo your consumer, be human with your marketing approach and wear your heart on your sleeve.

Show the real you
You are either genuine – or not. There’s two ways about it. You want consumers to love you for who you really are and not what you wish you are.

Knowing what you represent as a brand is a good start to establishing a connection with your consumers. Share true stories behind your brand, your philosophy or mission – the reason why it exists, and what impact you intend to leave. This helps people engage with your brand better, and it will drive them to support you more.

Glow from the inside out
Show off the people that makes your brand great. Never underestimate the power of your colleagues – they are the brand’s immediate ambassadors by default. Show the human faces behind the brand by telling their story, their connection with the company and why they love working with the brand to your customers.

Be bold about the feels and the fails
Share some of your brand’s experiences: the happy times and the heartaches. It may be more common to reveal your successes and achievements to your existing and potential customers, but don’t forget failures and mistakes that the brand overcame too.

Why? Because to err is human. Share stories on how you resolved issues, and handled icky situations with grace and professionalism. Lessons gained from failures will shine a positive light on your business, and customers can trust that you know what not to do next time!

Friendzone is better than no-zone
Understand your customers’ needs and demands, so you can inspire them with relevant insights and expertise.

Avoid throwing around big words and jargon in the hope of impressing them. They may not be fluent in “your language”, but that doesn’t call for the need to dumb it down either.

Simplify how you deliver and present useful information so that it is easy to digest (Read our guide to creating genuine content here). The point is to make your brand useful to your customers so that they will always turn to you when in need.

Do you use love as a marketing strategy for your brand? Agree or disagree? Tell us!

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