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The team is growing!

The team is growing!

It has been just over a year since I started and, not to sound trite, but it has truly been an amazing journey. From a solo operation at my dinner table, we now have a team to tap on:

  • An amazing writer/editor who can make any copy sing. She was my very first editor when I started in B2B publishing
  • A designer who’s into breathing space and clean design (I like!)
  • An events producer and marketer who is always calm and collected – very useful qualities, trust me!
  • A very engaging and charming client relations dude
  • An extremely patient and meticulous angel who does the accounts and more than makes up for my hopeless affair with numbers

No, they’re not all one person (very funny…). Neither does everyone sit in one office 9-5, Monday to Friday. But I can say that we have assembled a team of very capable people to work with you on your content needs and that’s what matters!

Will have to work on team bios, we’ll get there slowly but surely…

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