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Video marketing made easy with your mobile phone

Video marketing made easy with your mobile phone

Video marketing makes up the top two challenges that marketers in Asia face, according to our annual Content Marketing in Asia research. The reasons usually boil down to high budget, heavy equipment, tedious production process, and no expertise on videography. Plus, who has the time to learn video skills?

The Most Difficult Marketing Activities to Produce

Eight years ago, those are valid reasons to consider. Today, with sophisticated phone cameras, making professional videos or films is within your reach.

We have seen feature-length films shot entirely on a mobile phone starting with Olive in 2012 and the award-winning Tangerine in 2015. Independent filmmakers have embraced mobile film-making early on with short films (see the iPhone Film Festival, for example) and music videos.

If entire movies can be shot with a mobile phone, what about marketing videos?

Marketers tend to use videos to feature talking heads or events and activities. Video is expected to account for 80% of global internet traffic by 2019, according to Cisco.

So how can marketers deal with the challenges in video marketing?

  • Budget It’s possible to keep your budget low. If you already have a mobile phone, you only need to spend on the app(s) for filming and on-device editing. This may not cost any more than US$50. Or zero cost if you rely on free apps.
  • Gear and accessories Video equipment designed specifically for mobile devices are available today. It won’t be as heavy and bulky as traditional equipment and you can also skip the additional crew to help lug hardware around when you shoot.
  • Production Any sort of filming, regardless of budget, needs some form of organised production strategy from planning and storyboarding to editing and distribution. Mobile video production simplifies the process because you can control the whole process from end to end.
  • Expertise Video production can be taught – courses are available in film schools or universities. But if you’re a marketer who just needs to make good videos from time to time, learning the fundamentals and some useful professional tips to handle filming, editing and distribution is sufficient.

What if you can learn how to shoot and distribute a professional video using your mobile phone in just one day?

Spend eight hours with us to learn the essentials on mobile video production in our Video Marketing Bootcamp and you’ll be on your way to shooting slick marketing videos on your own.

Visit our Events page or contact us at for details.

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