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3Degrees Slime

We love a good creative challenge

Trust us for crisp copy and thoughtful design. Our creative portfolio embraces online and offline channels – from events, thought leadership, infographics, newsletters, social media, websites, brochures, motion graphics, videos, billboards, and print ads.

From sharing your company history on interactive projection walls to sharing employee benefits with a foot piano, we also curate innovative brand experiences – building a genuine connection beyond the hard sell.

Whatever the medium or platform, we’ve got you covered.

3Degrees Slime

We get you

We are your powerful marketing ally – whether you’re talking about concrete admixture, dredging pipes, cloud security, or benign prostatic hyperplasia. We lead with strategy from Day One to create useful content that leaves an impact.

3Degrees Slime

We speak human first

Whether you’re formulating your market entry strategy, solutions messaging or brand guidelines, let’s start by asking, “What’s in it for your stakeholder?”

This ensures that your content delights your target audience – even if it means taking them to the local zoo!

We are 3 Degrees Media

The team comes with diverse cultural and professional backgrounds. Our unique and varied experiences feed into our creative smorgasbord.

Everyone brings something different to the table, ensuring a fresh perspective for your project.

Let’s work together! Contact us now.

3Degrees Slime

Level up!

We practice what we preach with immersive marketing bootcamps and learning lunches that give you mad skills. Find out more here.

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