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Handy knowledge centres for creators

Handy knowledge centres for creators

Bookmark these six links that can inspire your marketing creation.

Creators can find it challenging to create at times, especially when we always have to think about fresh, new angles to get the audiences’ attention. Many have resorted to Google for their inspiration needs, but endlessly keying in any related search terms you can think of isn’t always the best way to get over a creative block.

Luckily, marketing channels now exist aplenty and they understand us. They answer to our needs: content that inspires, enlightens, and makes us think out of the box.

Some will introduce you to solutions using their own product. We can’t say that isn’t a win-win situation, if you’re already using their service or platform.

We’ve round up some of our personal favourite inspiration centres that help creators boost their creativity.

  1. Spotify Advertising – Inspiration

Music is always a good idea, and Swedish streaming giant Spotify uses their massive library and impeccable know-how to create seamless creative experiences for partnering brands and their customers.

Don’t know how that works? Check out the website for the lowdown on how music sharing can enhance your marketing reach. It’s undeniable: everything’s better when music’s involved:

  1. BBC Academy

Broadcasting pioneer BBC brings you insights on the media industry through their in-house website, BBC Academy.

Designed to educate the masses on trends, issues and new tech in the ever-growing media industry, the website offers content in long form, video and podcast, just to name a few. From the experienced marketer to novice journalists, there’s something for everybody on this website.

Head on over to the link to go back to school. The Academy is sure to teach you something new:

  1. Facebook IQ

Millions of people access Facebook and Instagram daily, sharing and viewing content according to their preferences – though that probably isn’t new.

Facebook has long since established themselves as a valuable marketing platform – but now they are bringing you one step further by sharing insights through Facebook IQ. It’s a centre that breaks down trends and new tools to help you connect with a larger audience.

Tap into the power of data, harnessed from two of the most popular sites, to help you keep on top of what’s hot:

  1. Canva Design School

Learning to use a new site or software can be frustrating, but Canva, an online graphic design tool, aims to guide you through the Canva Design School.

If you’re in need of a kind teacher to guide you through any problems you might encounter while navigating the world of design, this is the site for you. Discover tricks, tips and more to help you create a professional graphic on your own:

  1. YouTube Creator Academy

Stumped on how to set up a channel? Not getting any views on your videos?

YouTube gives you a crash course on channel-running through Creator Academy, which provides detailed tips to improve your videomaking process and insights on audience trends. Video is trendy right now – hop on it quickly, marketers!

Go there now:

  1. WePresent by WeTransfer

WeTransfer, the file transferring cloud service preferred by creatives, offers inspiration through long-form content on their website, WePresent.

Combining beautiful imagery and thought-provoking text submitted by creatives around the world, it’s hard not to get the creative juices flowing. For wordsmiths suffering from writers’ block, take this as your invitation to come into the weird, wonderful world WePresent offers and get lost in it for a while.

Access this treasure trove here:

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