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LinkedIn Post Types and Best Practices to Unlock B2B Potential

LinkedIn Post Types and Best Practices to Unlock B2B Potential

LinkedIn reigns supreme as the go-to social media platform, with 97% of B2B marketers utilising it for their content marketing efforts. It’s where connections are made, opportunities are discovered, and careers take off.

Why you should elevate your B2B game on LinkedIn

LinkedIn’s playing field is no small arena; it’s home to a staggering 65 million business decision makers. This makes for an audience brimming with potential.

However, LinkedIn’s vastness poses a challenge. 310 million monthly active users and 57 million companies are positioned on LinkedIn, each contributing to the content beast in their own way. In this vast sea of stories, ranging from the truly inspirational to the pseudo-motivational – usually from Nepo babies – much of this content falls into the trap of monotony, lacking the zing needed to stand out.

The rate of content being churned out is further accelerated with the aid of AI tools such as ChatGPT.

This challenge births a golden opportunity for us to engage and resonate with our prospective buyers in a way that outshines our competitors. Our ability to stand out sets us apart from the crowd.

But How?

In the dynamic world of social media, we’re not just creating content; we’re telling stories.

LinkedIn offers various ways to share your story – spanning text-based updates to captivating photos and engaging videos. Amidst this variety, finding the right content for your specific goals can be challenging.

The key? Uncover your unique marketing strategy by aligning it with your goals. Whether it’s boosting engagement, building brand awareness, or educating your audience, each goal demands a tailored approach.

By the end of this blog, you’ll be armed with the best B2B marketing tips to unlock your LinkedIn potential and create success.

Text-Based Posts: The Power of Words

Text-based posts are pivotal for thought leadership on LinkedIn, engaging approximately 17 million influential figures and opinion leaders.

This format facilitates sharing insights, seeking advice, and sparking discussions, all while boosting engagement within your network. Since COVID-19, personal posts have surged on the platform, enhancing authentic connections and humanising professional interactions.

While LinkedIn isn’t a replacement for Facebook family updates, relatable content holds its own value and shines amid the rise of AI-generated material. Just make sure that it’s relevant to your industry or adds value to your readers.

In essence, text-based posts empower thought leaders to shape industry discourse, influence their peers or even touch their hearts.

Image Posts: Worth a Thousand Words

A picture speaks volumes. Research shows that our brains process images 60,000 times better than text, and posts with images get twice as much engagement. Whether it’s a striking photo, an inspiring quote, or an informative infographic, images make your posts visually appealing and leave a strong impression.

This is also a great opportunity to share genuine and personal content, showing yourself or your team. People find faces engaging and relatable, helping you build connections and trust with your audience.

So, don’t hesitate to put a friendly face to your brand and let your authenticity shine through. And if all else fails, you can’t go wrong with a #trendy #relatable meme.

Video Posts: No Oscar Required

Videos are the kings of content of today’s social media landscape — and LinkedIn is no different. Videos offer a dynamic way to showcase your company culture, present your products, and break the latest news. The results are impressive, according to LinkedIn, video content:

For instance, Slack’s video campaigns are excellent at forging brand awareness. The use of bold colours, snappy copy, and upbeat sound are a surefire way to stop someone from scrolling their feed.

Whether it’s a short how-to guide or a longer deep-dive into a topic, videos offer a rich and authentic way to humanise your brand.

Pro Tip: Design videos for sound-off viewing and add subtitles!

Document Posts: Educate and Inform

Document posts enable you to upload PDFs, PowerPoint presentations, or other documents directly, providing valuable insights. This format is ideal for sharing research findings, industry reports, or even captivating e-books.

Semrush successfully simplifies how SEO works with easy-to-understand visuals and practical examples. Providing in-depth information, not only assists their audience in grasping SEO intricacies but also position themselves as an authority in the industry.

The dynamic carousel feature enhances the user experience, making it effortless for your audience to navigate through bite-sized, informative content pieces, ensuring they stay engaged and gain valuable insights.

Explore and conquer 

As humans, storytelling is in our DNA. With LinkedIn’s diverse range of options, it’s vital to embrace experimentation. Try new formats, explore emerging trends, and analyse the results to discover what resonates and what doesn’t.

Let your inner storyteller roam free, adapting and evolving as you navigate the dynamic landscape of LinkedIn. Happy posting!

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