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How to create successful social media content

How to create successful social media content

You can’t get away from social media.

Effective social media content is more than just about garnering the number of page likes on your brand’s Facebook page.

Here are 3 must-haves for successful social media engagement:

#1 High follower engagement
Social media platforms want to deliver relevant content to their users. With new algorithms rolled out recently, high engagement ensures that your content will be seen and not marked down as another marketing spiel.

#2 Authenticity is a dealmaker
Brands that know how to be real with their content gain more customer loyalty. Go beyond trend-jacking and dig deep in your company pysche for an authentic experience.

#3 How you communicate on social media matters
Social media is a two-way street – your interaction with customers matter and can boost your brand. Your social media engagement must include a plan to deal with queries and avert potential crisis 24/7. Read more about social media customer service strategy here.

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