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4 reasons why all marketers need good writing skills

4 reasons why all marketers need good writing skills

In a world where content is created every minute, the task of creating good marketing copy no longer just falls to copywriters. Here are 4 reasons why marketers of all stripes need good writing skills:

Stand out
Consumers are starting to face content shock, where the amount of available content exceeds our capacity to consume it. This makes people picky about their content choices – and where good writing will help you stand out.

By producing content that is well-researched and easy to understand,  you can cut through the noise and engage your customer beyond the initial sale.

Sell better
When we have to make a decision, we instinctively apply our WIIFM (what’s in it for me) filter to determine if the product/service in question would be useful to you.

As a marketer, good writing (in any form) helps you make your value proposition clearer to your readers at each step of the consumer journey.

When your written content is well-structured and jargon-free, your readers are able to see what’s in it for them easily. By keeping your content informative and concise, you convince your readers about your brand – and ultimately convert them into long-term customers.

Develop relationships
All good marketers know that customer engagement is a journey: it starts at that ‘zero moment of truth’ when they first get to know your brand and continues beyond making a sale. Good writing can be a medium that helps you form and deepen relationships with your prospects every step of the way.

Good writing facilitates quality conversations between you and your customers, helping you to address your solution to their needs. This helps cement your value to your customers over time, making your brand the go-to place to meet their needs.
With some of the clients we worked with, building this relationship may mean more complaints surfacing. Let’s look at it this way, your customers are either telling their friends and family or telling you about their grievances. We believe it’s better the latter so that you can fix what’s not working in your organisation.

Add value
The face of marketing has changed over the past decade: traditional ad-based marketing has been replaced with digital strategies such as search engine optimisation (SEO) and social media engagement. While these new forms of marketing are valuable in themselves, they’re not worth anything without good, quality content as their base.

Today’s consumers are increasingly savvy: they can easily tell the difference between high-quality content and mediocre content that rides on keyword or hashtag popularity. At the end of the day, good content passes the test of time, establishing you as a trustworthy opinion leader for your industry.

Good marketing copy does much more than communicate what you need to sell – it earns you brand loyalty, respect, and ultimately, more leads.

Invest in good writing courses and programs to upskill yourself (this is not a hint) and you’ll see the ROI soon enough.

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