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5 Common Blunders that Spells Marketing Copy Disaster

5 Common Blunders that Spells Marketing Copy Disaster

Today’s marketers are time-strapped. You have to stay on top of industry trends, deliver an increasing leads pipeline with a shrinking marketing budget and on top of that, write marketing copy!

Whatever you do, stay away from these 5 common copy bloopers:

  1. Forget about your audience Determine your target audience before developing your content. Develop buyer personas  – the CIO or business head or account manager – and know who you are writing for every time.
  2. Make things up Giving inaccurate information in a marketing collateral will risk your credibility and brand reputation. Lend your content more substance with a little research. If you’re citing a third-party report, always credit the source.
  3. Off with your head(line) If you’re not going to bother with your headline, readers will not bother with your content. The headline (this includes email subject titles) is your content’s crowning glory. Craft a headline that will incite interest. For example, would you rather read: “Tips to write great headlines” or “Create click-worthy headlines in 10 minutes”?
  4. Ignore the SPGs That’s Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar. Readers can detect SPGs, especially when it is glaringly obvious. Review your copy thoroughly, or better still, get an extra pair of eyes to edit your copy. Make sure you don’t end up revealing “secrects” (Google it; there’s a lot out there) that speak volumes about your failure to proofread.
  5. WTF – What the Fluff? Cut out redundancy and repetition. Set what you wrote aside for a while (one day, or at least an hour) and return with fresh, critical editor eyes.  Reading copy aloud also helps you detect mistakes or any odd phrases you can improve on. Better yet, have a professional editor (ahem) to comb through and refine the text.

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